In this article, you will learn the 18 best Internet Q&A websites you can use to ask questions about different topics. Plus, you can use these submission websites to provide answers on the web as part of your marketing strategy for SEO

Let’s find out the 15 best Internet question and answer websites 

It is one of the best Q&A websites on the web that aims to be the best-trusted site for answering all types of life’s questions. Previously known as WikiAnswers, allows you to ask any questions about any topic you want and helps you get all the answers you need. 


With over 300 million monthly users, Quora is one of the most popular Questions and Answers websites online. This website lets you quickly gain and share knowledge about the questions you want in any category. Quora also allows you to connect with others who provide quality answers and unique insights. It is also excellent for sharing your expertise and building brand awareness. This will help you increase authority and trust in your industry. 


Reddit is another platform that can answer all the questions that come to your mind. This website has a prospering online community with over 330 million regular users. It is also considered a network of worldwide communities where users can settle down their passions, hobbies, or interests in subsidiary threads within the Reddit platform called subreddits. 

To add more, Reddit is a moderated question-and-answer website where people can upvote and downvote their questions and answers. They can also build up Karma scores that best reflect their reputation in the industry. And that’s the main reason you need to ask high-value questions and provide helpful answers. 

4.Google Question Hub 

It is a new knowledge market platform that gathers questions from Google (or other search engines) from search users that can not find answers to what they are interested in. Then, the platform classifies and categorizes the unanswered questions for all content creators to sort through and answer. 

If you want to expand your site content’s reach and visibility, you can use the Google Question Hub platform. Once you log in, you can search for target keywords within the platform and pick any topic you want to submit answers to. Then, you can create new content for such questions to track their performance. As it is now known, high-quality, relevant, in-depth content is more likely to perform better on Google for specific questions. 


This is a British Question and Answer site for asking different questions, learning new things, sharing helpful information, and growing your understanding of various world aspects. This website also covers a wide range of subjects such as technological, social, as well as spiritual matters. Answers in Blurtit include hyperlinks to other sites, which means you can use the platform for your link-building strategy to improve your site’s off-page SEO. 


It is one of the most trustworthy websites on the Internet that can answer any questions on any topic by verified experts. In JustAnswer, you will be able to chat with an expert, but you need to pay a fee to get the answers to your questions. So, if you want help from experts in more than 150 categories (veterinarians, home improvement specialists, mechanics, etc.), you need to pay a one-time fee or a monthly subscription plan. 

Moreover, this platform is aligned with a program that enables you to monetize your site. For example, you can add a chat widget within the website to help your visitors talk directly with professionals such as doctors, mechanics, lawyers, etc., without leaving your website. 

7.Ask MetaFilter 

AskMetaFilter is a subsection of the MetaFilter weblog that allows anyone to contribute a link or comment. Also, ask MetaFilter members’ who can help each other solve issues for any of their topics. Another thing you need to know about this platform is that they allow hyperlinks in answers, making it a great website to create new backlinks for your site, show expertise, and build brand awareness. 


It is a website designed for students and teachers to get expert and verified answers for their homework and school projects. Brainly allows you to post your questions to a large online community of over 200 million other students and teachers who can all assist you in your learning process. The best thing about Brainly is that it is free to join, and you can get help from its community; however, if you want more personalized assistance, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. 


ResearchGate is another Q&A website where users can discover scientific knowledge. It is the perfect platform for researchers and scientists to share their papers, ask and answer questions, and connect with individuals interested in the world of science. You can also use this site to expand your science knowledge and collaborate with other people to develop your career. 

10.Ask a Librarian 

Ask a Librarian is another website hosted by The Library of Congress that you can use to ask questions to a specialist. You will get an answer within five business days when you ask a question. Or, you can use the chat functions to ask common questions in real time. Furthermore, the platform provides a Frequently Asked Questions section that helps you get answers to other generally asked questions on various topics. 

11.Ask. fm 

It is a social networking website where users can ask direct questions to a particular group of people or specific people/friends. In the platform, you can ask questions anonymously or have your username linked to the question. 

12.Stack Exchange 

Stack Exchange is another well-known Q&A website that provides answers for people to find what they need when they need it. This website offers over 51 regular users and more than 3 million questions asked and answered on the Stack Exchange platform.  

13.Stack Overflow

This Q&A website is used for coding both questions and answers. It is one of the best question-and-answer websites to participate in if you want to find answers about programming, websites, etc. Stack Overflow also provides diverse answers to help you build your trust, authority, and expertise in this online industry.  


Part of the Stack Exchange Network, Superuser is a Q&A community for power users and computer enthusiasts. This platform is especially used for learning about PCs, whereas StackOverflow is about programming. 

15.The AnswerBank 

It is a UK-based Question and Answer website that helps users find answers about absolutely anything. “Real people provide real answers.” 

Discontinued Q&A websites 

Many other Q&A sites used to be popular, but now they’ve been discounted:

  1. Askville – it was operated by Amazon and then closed on October 25, 2013. Askville was both an S&A website and a social community as well. This website allowed people to ask and answer questions on different topics. 
  2. Google Answers was created to be an extension to the traditional search engine, but it was discontinued in December 2006. In this platform, users could ask questions and pay a fee for Google Answers researchers to check up on the information and then report it back to users. 
  3. LinkedIn Answers – it allowed users to ask and answer questions related to business matters, and it was closed on January 31, 2013. The site’s Q&A section was not driving as much user interaction as expected. 
  4. WikiAnswers – was an internet-based knowledge exchange website that shut down on May 3, 2018., later on, replaced it
  5. Yahoo Answers – was one of the longest-running Q&A websites on the web that discontinued on May 4, 2021, due to a decrease in popularity. 

What is the best Q&A website? 

As you can probably understand from the article, the best Q&A website on the web is Quora. This platform provides more in-depth answers to user questions and links to cite reliable resources. It also includes a voting system for users to vote for the best answers to any question. 

Here are some useful statistics that prove Quora is one of the top Q&A sites on the web: 

  1. It has 300 million monthly active users
  2. The platform provides more than 400,000 topics. 
  3. The average users spend on the site is 4:11 minutes. 
  4. 65% of all site users have a college degree. 

Which site can answer any question? 

Website Question Types URL All Topics
Ask a Librarian All Topics
Answerbag All Topics
Ask Me Help Desk All Topics
Ask MetaFilter All Topics
Blurtit All Topics
Google Question Hub All Topics
JustAnswer All Topics
Quora All Topics
Reddit All Topics
Stack Exchange All Topics
The AnswerBank All Topics
I hope you enjoyed the article about the best Q&A websites on the Internet that you can use to ask questions about any topics you want in order to provide expert answers. All this is essential as it is part of your digital marketing strategy for SEO and can help you drive more referral traffic to your site.

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