The guidelines for creating the site apply to Google as well as to AMP, which covers guidelines that are specific. For more detailed information below read Google developer guide.

  •   The site should follow the AMP and HTML specifications if you are just starting out, learn how to create it.
  •   For good users it would be to perform the same actions on AMP and canonical sites when they can.
  •   The AMP URL schema makes sense to the user.
  •   AMP sites must be valid for sites to function properly for users, sites with invalid AMPs will not qualify.
  •   If data is added to the site, we advise you to follow our structured data policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are AMP sites mobile-only?

No, they are not, AMP can be viewed on all types of devices, build your AMP sites with responsive design.

Here is a tool that detects whether a website is AMP or not. Click Here.

What does AMP look like on the desktop?

AMP screens display well on both mobile and PC screens. In this case, if AMP supports the functionality needed to create the pages it is considered independent, although AMP does not take specific features in the search results.


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