Ping submission refers to the off-page SEO that informs search engines about new pages or content on your website. It is also the process of submitting URLs to Google and other search engines for crawling and indexing. In addition, ping submission is used to inform web crawlers about new backlinks, blog posts, and articles to speed up their visibility and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Below you will find top ping submission websites:

1. Ping-O-Matic
2. FeedBurner Ping
3. Pingler
4. Ping My Links
5. Total Ping
6. PrepostSEO
7. WMTools
8. Mass-Pinger
9. Bulk Link
10. PingFarm

Other free ping submission websites:

There are also many other ping submission sites available on the market that can use to submit URLs for crawling and indexing content for off-page search engine optimization. Who can also use these ping URL submission tools for RSS feeds, articles, and blog posts to index the SERPs rapidly? 


What is the best free indexing website? 

Ping-O-Matic is the top ping submission site, followed by Feedburner and Pingler. Three of these sites allow you to ping RSS feeds and URLs to index faster in search engines. 

Here is an overview of the top-10 free indexing sites that you can use to submit your URLs to boost the search engine visibility for your website. 


As we said earlier, Ping-O-Matic is the best ping submission site for notifying search engines that your website has been updated with fresh content to crawl and index for ranking in search engine results pages. Ping-O-Matic works by sending notifications to other indexing services, including FeedBurner, Superfeedr, Spinner API, and, to go for your content in real-time. 

2.Feedburner Ping 

This is another excellent ping submission site for search engine optimization. Feedburner is an indexing service owned by Google search engine, mostly used for web feed management. This ping submission tool can help you get your site’s blog feed updated instantly – you don’t have to wait on its automatic 30-minute interval. 


It is one of the most well-known free indexing sites online that you can use for submitting your URLs. As an indexing service, Pingler notifies both search engine crawlers and indexers that your website, URL, or blog is new or that it is recently updated, and it should be indexed and ranked in SERPs for specific keywords. You can also freely use this ping service to submit only one keyword and URL. You need to upgrade to a premium subscription if you want to submit 50 or more URLs. 

4.Ping My Links 

Ping My Links is another ping submission site used to add your website to many webmaster resources such as search engines, directories, etc. This tool guarantees to index your site’s content in less than 24 hours. Again, you can choose free or pro access – depending on the service level you need for your site indexing. 

5.Total Ping 

One of the few ping submission sites on the list offers English and international pinging services. We suggest choosing the Total Ping service if you want your site, URLs, or blog to get indexed in worldwide search engines. 


One of the main reasons why PrespostSEO is considered one of the best free indexing services is that it offers you URL pinging in mass. This ping submission site is even more significant because it allows you to ping up 10 URLs simultaneously to speed up indexing in search engine results pages. Also, this indexing service comes packaged with over 95 free tools you can use for SEO. 


If you are serious about bulk pinging, you need to consider VMTools, as it is one of the best ping submission tools to meet your needs. With VMTools, you can submit 100 URLs for indexing all at once. In addition, this free submission site also includes a meta tag generator, headline checker, keyword suggestion tool, and many other helpful services. 

8.Bulk Link 

As the name explains, BulkLinks is a bulk ping submission site to get faster indexing in the SERPs. This is how BulkLinks works: it evaluates and verifies all URLs before submission to prevent spam. BulkLink allows you to ping dozens of services and search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yandex, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo. In addition, you can choose specific countries to ping for most search engines to add more. 

9.Mass Pinger 

When it comes to Mass Pinger, we can say that it is a basic tool to ping websites for SEO. All you must do is insert all your URLs in bulk together with relevant keywords – then the service will take care of all the rest. 


The last on the list, PingFarm, is another indexing service you can use to submit your URLs in bulk. However, there isn’t still an exact number of URLs you can use for each submission. You can try the website with a bunch of 10-20 pages at once to be safe. Like Ping-O-Matic, PingFarm can also index your content by using other services such as, Superfeedr, FeedBurner, etc. 

This was the list of top ping submission sites you can use for pinging URLs for SEO. Choose the right one from the list that best matches your needs and can help you significantly improve the speed of crawling and indexing your content and backlink in Google and other search engines.

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