Forum submission refers to submitting comments on online debates and discussions to expand your knowledge on different topics. With forum submission, you can connect and build rapport with a large number of visitors and share with them relevant information about any topic you want. Forum submissions are also considered an off-page SEO activity that can significantly help earn high-quality backlinks for your site and increase brand awareness for your business. 

There are many ways how to use forum posting websites for SEO, such as:

  • Inserting hyperlinks in new posts.
  • Placing relevant links in replies to old posts.
  • Adding backlinks to the user profile.
  • Etc. 

All the above are essential HTML elements that can be crawled by Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index content on the web. Additionally, most of these forum links are dofollow backlinks, which means they can transfer the most PR value for search engine optimization to your target URL or website. 

Forum Submission sites 

FS # Forum Submission Site Website URL
1 WordPress Forum
2 Digital Point Forum
3 Tech Republic Forum
4 Gardenweb Forum
5 Marketing Profs Forum
6 Site Owners Forum
7 File Sharing Forum
8 SEOChat Forum
9 Cheftalk Forum
10 Business Advice Forum
11 Deviantart Forum
12 SitePoint Forum
13 Submit Express Forum
14 Warrior Forum
15 Windows Forum
16 PhpBB Forum
17 Joomla Forum
18 Mysql Forum
19 Web Hosting Forum
20 FileZilla Forum
21 Antionline Forum
22 XDA Developers Forum
23 Ubuntu Forum
24 Audacity forum
25 DN Forum


Other free forum posting websites 

who can use several free forum submission sites to participate in online debates and discussions to improve off-page SEO and brand awareness for your website/business? And this would significantly help you generate more targeted traffic for your site. You can also use such forum posting websites for your link-building strategy to create links to individual URLs or your site’s homepage to increase visibility in search engine results pages. 


What is the best forum submission site? 

As you probably expected, the best forum site is WordPress, followed by Digital Point and TechRepublic. All the 3 are websites with high DA and have a large audience for online debates and discussions. 

Here is a general overview of the best free forum posting websites available that you can use to submit your comments on different online discussion forums. 

1.WordPress Forum 

WordPress Forum is the top forum site for anyone using WordPress as a platform for their website. In WordPress Forum, you can ask any question related to this CMS, such as how to use WordPress, install plugins, etc., and add a backlink to your website for reference. 

2.Digital Point Forum 

Digital Point Forum is another great forum submission site used for link-building and discussing the top tricks, trends, and tips in digital marketing. You can discuss many topics such as search engines, design, web development, business, etc. You can also expand your knowledge about other categories, including buying and trade services for SEO, copywriting, domains, advertising, etc. 

3.TechRepublic Forum 

Third, TechRepublic Forum is another good forum submission website on the list. TechRepublic Forum is a large community of IT experts who share knowledge on information about topics related to technological matters. 

4.Gardenweb Forum 

Next up on the list is Gardenweb Forum, one of the most popular forum submission sites for outdoor home improvement. On this website, you can discuss various topics such as gardening, patios, paintings, repairs, and so on while referring to your site’s content to get quality backlinks. 

5.Marketing Profs Forum 

Marketing Profs Forum is one of the online discussion platforms on the list used for digital marketing purposes. The most helpful thing about it is that you can join this forum website for free and ask any question about different topics, including your website, social media, training opportunities, branding, advertising, etc. On top of that, you can even ask for feedback on your content or on-site-related questions. But not only that, you can use Marketing Profs Forum to increase brand awareness and link building. 

6.Site Owners Forum 

Site Owners Forum is another top forum submission site for getting advice to improve digital marketing strategies and sharing marketing information. People use the signature section the most to add high-quality and relevant links to their site and well-written articles for off-page search engine optimization. 

7.File Sharing Forum 

Launched in 2000, File Sharing Talk Forum was only a platform for discussing file-sharing topics. Nowadays, it is a huge website that provides multiple categories for people to discuss things like movies, games, online marketing, music, sports, etc. 

8.SEO chat Forum 

SEOChat Forum is the only free forum submission website dedicated to SEO (search engine optimization). Once you register on the platform, you can ask questions about search engine optimization to the SEOChat Forum Community and get answers from SEO experts. In addition, SEOChat Forum users can also add backlinks to their site in the discussion descriptions to get proper advice about on-page SEO, content, page structure, etc. Not only that, but they can also gain quality backlinks for off-page SEO. 

9.Cheftalk Forum 

Cheftalk Forum is a great forum discussion website for sharing information about cooking, recipes, food, baking, and more. What makes this discussion site more special is that there is a marketplace to buy and sell cooking-related items. So, if you own a food business, Cheftalk Forum is a great online discussion forum to consider.

10.Business Advice Forum 

 Business Advice Forum is exactly what the name suggests; you get specific advice on starting, growing, and managing small to large businesses. In addition, you can also share information about matters such as Internet marketing, website development, accounting, etc. What makes this online business forum greater is that you can connect with successful entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, etc., to increase brand awareness, get quality backlinks, build your online networks, and all this for free. In addition, you can stay up-to-date with the latest business-related trends with ‘Business Advice Forum’. 

To sum up, you can use many forum submission websites for off-page SEO and drive more referral traffic to your site. Pick the right forum discussion website from the list that best matches your digital marketing strategy and your business industry.

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