As you probably know, backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Here, you will learn to use Pinterest to build high-quality backlinks from your account with other platform users. Pinterest link-building is an ideal digital marketing strategy for building valuable backlinks to your website/blog, increasing exposure for your content, and creating more social signals for SEO ranking purposes.

Using Pinterest to generate and create more quality backlinks is important because it leads to higher search engine clarity and rankings for your business.

But what are indeed Pinterest backlinks?

Pinterest backlinks are links to your site from the Pinterest platform in the form of pins, and they have an incredible impact on your website’s SEO. This platform can help your website get more backlinks both directly and indirectly increase your site’s visibility in the SERPs.

Here is a step-by-step Pinterest link-building guide:

1.Create a personal Pinterest account

The first thing to do in Pinterest link building is to create a personal account. To do that, you have to:

  • Go to and click “Sign Up.”
  • Enter some basic personal information (name, username, password, birthday, etc.)
  • Then, choose some interests that will help Pinterest recommend relevant pins.

Then, you will receive a “Welcome to Pinterest” message, and your account will be ready for creating Pinterest backlinks for SEO.

2.Start a business Pinterest account.

If you want to use Pinterest for link building, you can start a business account on this platform. A business account on Pinterest will give you two opportunities to generate backlinks relevant to your content. Below you will find two choices for creating a business Pinterest account:

  • Add a business profile to your personal Pinterest account

Generally speaking, adding a business profile to your account is an easy way to get started with using Pinterest in terms of business. You will be able to add further information about your business, including its website, contact information, and location. In addition, you can add both a profile picture and cover photo best representing your business.

To use this method:

– Select the down arrow in the top-right corner and open the menu.

– Then, choose “Add account.”

  • Create a new business account

If you are not using your profile for your business, you can create a new business account within your current personal Pinterest account. This new account will be completely separate from your main personal account on Pinterest.

This method is especially used if you want to give other team members access to the business account to track your business metrics or keep both your personal and professional work apart.

3.Add a backlink to your Pinterest profile.

As you can probably understand, by setting up both types of Pinterest accounts – personal and business – you will also have two places where you can put your website backlink.

Respectively, in the personal Pinterest account, you have to put your site’s backlink in the “About” section, while in the business account, you have to put it in the “Website” action.

Even though these backlinks are not dofollow links, they are still useful to diversify your backlink profile and get organic traffic from Pinterest users.

4.Create a pin image.

Generally speaking, the basic form of Pinterest link building is with pin images. For this reason, every URL you use for a backlink on Pinterest will need at least one pin image to create a link to your web page.

The best is to create between 5-10 original images and then use them as pins for each URL. Then, you can upload them one by one over a 1–2-month timeframe. Know that the more image pins you create, the more backlinks you can add on Pinterest to the same web, and this will drive more organic traffic to your content.

Ensure that each pin image you create is high quality and appealing to attract more people to your site from this social platform (Pinterest). To establish topic relevance, don’t forget to include your main target keywords for the linked web page inside the pin image description, title, and ALT text field.

5.Create an infographic pin.

Apart from a regular pin image, you have to create infographics for every URL you want to generate backlinks. Keep in mind that Pinterest loves fresh and original images, and users enjoy this type of content. That’s because it improves and enhances the user’s experience while browsing Pinterest.

Another reason is that infographics are visually attractive and can help briefly explain complex topics, which can lead to more pins on this social media platform’ users’ boards. The optimal is to create up to 3 infographics for each page you build backlinks to on Pinterest. Don’t forget to optimize the pin data for your target keywords.

6.Create a video pin.

If you want various types of content linking back to your site, you need video pins, as they are also an excellent way to take advantage of Pinterest link-building. With video, you can increase the exposure of your content as they tend to get more clicks than image pins. Apart from getting your content seen by more Pinterest users, video pins are also considered the future of Pinterest SEO.

The platform itself is doing more to promote video content and is more and more encouraging users to upload it.

You can use Animoto or PowToon tools to create videos quickly and easily, considering that video pins must be between 4 seconds to 15 minutes long. Like the other pins, you can create multiple videos to link to the same URL on your site multiple times with original, unique content.

7.Pin your content to group boards.

Another good marketing strategy that you have to consider is group boards because they can get your content seen by many people and help you generate more backlinks relevant to your topic. To find group boards to participate in, you can use popular online tools like Tailwind or the general search features on Pinterest.

Note: When using this Pinterest strategy, make sure you follow all the board rules to keep your account safe from being removed.

8.Reach out to Pinterest users & Ask for a pinned backlink.

Another way to get backlinks from Pinterest is to reach out to its users and ask them to share your content as a pinned backlink. You can do this by starting a private conversation while sending them a direct message or writing a comment on one of their pins.

Once you connect with these Pinterest users, let them know what your website is about and why you think, pinned backlinks would benefit their followers.

9.Join pinning groups to get re-pins.

Pinning groups is another good link-building strategy that can help your content get seen by more people and linked on Pinterest. Pinning groups include like-minded social media marketing users who can share your content frequently by pinning each other’s URLs.

Tailwind app is the most common way to find these types of groups. This app has communities called “tribes” that help you interact and collaborate with other people in your niche.

There are two types of tribes:

  • Tribes that have automatic approval.
  • Tribes that require a request for approval.

After joining a pin group, you can start re-pinning another member’s pins and then be able to share your own to get re-pinned as well. But, before you do that, read all the rules that each group has and then start pinning using this Pinterest link-building strategy.

10.Rank a Pinterest board on Google

Ranking a Pinterest board on Google can help you directly get more organic traffic from Google. You need to know about Pinterest because it has a high DA (domain authority), and it can easily rank for tail keywords. This means that you will get quality visitors to your content, making ranking a Pinterest board in the SERPs very important.

With time, as users find your content through Google’s link to the Pinterest board, this link-building strategy will also help you generate backlinks more organically.

If you want to use this SEO method, you need to create first a new board with the following tips:

  • Add a keyword-rich title.
  • Add keywords in the board description.
  • Pin over 20 high-quality pins to the board. Keep adding more each weak – the more, the better.
  • To include the target keywords, you need to optimize the ALT text for your pins.
  • Increase your page authority by linking to the board from your site (or other social media accounts).

Note: Ranking Pinterest boards can also be a great source of traffic, and once you put the process into place, it is easy to add your digital marketing SEO strategy.

Are Pinterest backlinks good for SEO?

Yes. Pinterest backlinks are good for SEO, and the reason for that is that they bring site traffic through search engines with pins on ranked boards. They also add value to your website’s backlink profile and drive awareness for your brand, leading to more organic backlinks.

You have to know that Pinterest backlinks are not dofollow links, and this means that they cannot always help you pass PageRank value for SEO performance. Anyway, it is still important to have Pinterest links because they are good links that indirectly impact SEO.

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Even though Pinterest backlinks are nofollow links, this doesn’t mean that they will never pass link equity. Google itself announced an update to the nofollow tag. All link attributes, including sponsored, UGC, and nofollow, are treated as hints about which links to exclude or consider within Search. Google also stated that a [nofollow tag]hints and other signals are a better way to understand how to use links within the Google system and help analyze them appropriately.

Does Pinterest affect Google rankings?

You have to realize that even though Pinterest doesn’t affect Google rankings directly for every URL, it can still help you build more quality backlinks to your site. And building quality links to your website can have a huge impact on your overall Google visibility. You can also use Pinterest to affect Google rankings because it is a long-term digital marketing strategy for SEO performance.

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As your content keeps getting more pins on Pinterest, the exposure of these linked URLs will increase, leading to more organic backlinks from other site owners. And as we mentioned above, Google’s algorithm takes the nofollow tags as a hint rather than just a directive. This means that the PageRank value of Pinterest links for SEO purposes changes based on signals that the search engine crawlers may detect for the content.


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