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Nardi Doda

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I am one of the creators of I have been fascinated by SEO since 2013, spending most of my time reading and practicing the latest methods in line with the professional guidelines of search engines. My goal is to share with you the necessary information in this area by explaining it in a simple and practical way.

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Nardi Doda
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In the early days, when Blogging and Freelancing were new fields, payments worldwide were only possible through Paypal. Today, things are pretty different, and plenty of Paypal alternatives are more genuine and guarantee easy prices across the globe.  Many Paypal alternatives have their websites (similar…

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Nardi Doda
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In the early days, Google Ads Alternatives was known as AdWords which is one of the most popular ad networks for managing digital marketing ad campaigns. Anyway, Google ad platform is not the most cost effective service that you can use to reach your target…